About GrandpaTellMe.com

The goals of GrandpaTellMe.com are: to help people record, share, and publish memories in a fun and easy way.

  1. Recording

    Do you remember Grandpa telling you about life on the farm?  Maybe it was Mother reminiscing about her first date?  Perhaps you have children or grandchildren of your own and you would like to pass some of your experiences on to them.  Whatever your circumstance, we are working hard to make it easy for you to record and preserve the stories that are important to you.

    Recording your history with GrandpaTellMe.com is just as easy as sending an email, and we are constantly working to provide new tools to make it even easier and more fun.

  2. Sharing

    Sharing history with GrandpaTellMe.com is automatic.  Just invite the people you want to share with to join your site, then put the information out there.  Members are automatically notified of new postings to their sites, and you will find your members are excited to check in and see what is new and reply with memories of their own.

  3. Publishing

    Publishing your records will help to make them timeless.  GrandpaTellMe.com makes it easy.  Just order a Backup CD and we will send you a copy of your entire website published on a browsable CD that you can keep as a permanent record.

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